In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You

5-channel video
HD, color, sound
36:40 minutes
Dimensions variable

In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You is a five-channel video work which engages material from lesbian, feminist and proto trans and queer newsletters and small-run magazines in the US and the UK from 1955-1977. In the work, 13 readers are staged in 5 rooms of a single domestic site reading material from the newsletters/magazines for the camera and doing various non-narrative activities.

In In My Little Corner of the World, Anyone Would Love You, I am interested in the specific limits of gender, the anti-racist work done by lesbian, queer and transpeople of color to combat racism from white lesbian feminists and the historic and contemporary ways in which feminist, lesbian and queer political collectivities have both expanded and constrained gender expression. The work engages the intimacies of political collectives–as they affirm, injure and disappoint the identities that emerge inside of them. Activating continuities and discontinuities in queer time, I am interested in reengaging affective forms of political organization.

Production credits:
Readers: Pangia, Tiny, Mal Cherifi, Sharron Cooks, Kristen Dieffenbacher, TS Hawkins, Jeannine Betu Kayembe, Jennifer Angelina Petro, Swift Shuker, Karl Surkan, Madeline Rafter, Mahogany Rose and Tatyana Yassukovich.
Director of Photography: Michelle Lawler
Assistant Camera: Douglas Lennox
Gaffer: Jih-E Peng
Sound Recorder: M. Asli Dukan
Sound Engineer: Josh Allen
Production Manager: Sarah Kokler
Production Consultation: Phuong Nguyen
Production Assistance: Heather Holmes, Hassen Saker and Lindsay Buchman
Research Assistance: Rose Gibbs, Tara Gibbs and Heather Holmes
Exhibition Design in collaboration with Andrea Geyer