Ricerche: one

2 channel video installation
HD, color, sound
Dimensions variable

Ricerche is a 5 part video series that steps off Pier Paolo Pasolini’s brilliant 1963 film, Comizi d’Amore, to stage a contemporary inquiry into the “sexual problem” in the United States. While the political climate in post-war Italy in 1963 was deeply distinct from that of the United States in this contemporary moment, both are sites in which a persistent political condition in which so-called value-based policy and ideology act out symptomatically to cover up underlying economic and political vulnerabilities.

Ricerche: one addresses the originary question Pasolini poses to kids on the streets of Rome and Palermo: How are babies born? In this 2-channel work, I went to Provincetown, MA during Family Week, an annual gathering for LGBTQ families. My initial intention was to interview groups of 5-8 year olds but I was deeply moved by the work of the COLAGE and their awesome and radical staff of organizers who were at Family Week running workshops and other activities for younger kids. This group, ranging in age from 17 to early 30s, offers a different perspective informed by their experience, as kids born in the 80s and 90s, of being in an LGBTQ family that steep discrimination and/or had little support. Despite the many shared conditions, there is a significant gap between these two generations that marks a rapid shift in toleration in the US for queerness, in general, and queer families, in particular.

Starting with Pasolini’s question: how are babies born? the conversations move successfully and unsuccessfully as the youngest children push productively against the interview format. Here the children speak to and also demonstrate the incredibly expansive frameworks and insights of non-normative family compositions. They also speak through and alongside the particular challenges facing queer family formations: the persistent and pervasive pressure of heteronormativity, the demands for narrative accounting and the complexity of queer participation in reproductive technologies.

five to eight-year-olds
Meryl Scholfield, Finley Scholfield, Tristan Sylvestre-Margolis, Shane Pierson, Ella Craghead-Goldman, Jillian Nichols, Winter Collins, Orion Akash Phelps, Dylan Sumner, Benjamin Braden-Forge, Ella Herwick-Poutre, Noemi Herwick-Poutre, Elise Inkster, Layne Joheim, Christian Wells Baylis-Gaba, Grayson McFerrin Hogan, Grayson McSweeney, Taylor Andrepont-Aycock, Tatum Andrepont-Aycock, Abby Boscher-Walsh, Ethan Boscher-Walsh, Guiliana M. Palmieri, Natalia Reichbach-Soto, Sophie Pennock Collins, Rosie Carioti-Darling, Eilzabeth Davis
young adults/adults
Brooke Albers, Jordan Polcyn-Evans, Angel Martin, Kerry Cullen, Jamie Lee Bergeron-Beamon, Robin Marquis, Ryan Kenji Keone Kuramitsu, Elijah Martin, Emmet Dupont, Malina Simard-Halm, Devan Wells, Jacob Polcyn-Evans, Dominik Doemer, Courtney Faria, Ash Lumpkin


Production Crew
Director of Photographer/Cameraperson: Martina Radwan
Production Manager: Lala Drew
Sound Recorder: EE Miller
Sound Mix: Josh Allen