The Lesbian Love Tour


The Lesbian Love Tour was a three-and-a-half month pseudo-anthropological research project in which I drove across the United States to discover “lesbians in their natural habitat.” At that time in the late 90s, I was making theatrically-based solo performance work. While I more often referred to myself as a dyke than I did a lesbian, the idea for the trip arose in reaction to the early to mid-90s surge (if you can call it that) in popular media attention to “lesbians.” The project took place from August 1-November 15, 1997. In those three-and-a-half months, I drove 17,000 miles, stopped in 41 cities and towns, performed in 45 lesbian living rooms and met over 700 lesbians/dykes/gay women/queers. The documentation and narratives of the Lesbian Love Tour became the material of the performance work, The Lesbian.