Sarah H. Gordon’s Strike Journal, May 1970

in collaboration with Sarah H. Gordon
2 double-LP record sets, silkscreened cover and two turntables

Sarah H. Gordon’s Strike Journal, May 1970 is a double LP record set on which Sarah H. Gordon reads from a journal that she wrote over 40 years ago documenting her experience as a participant in the student strike at Smith College, May 1970. Smith College, an all-women’s college, was one of 450 campuses across the US whose students held a strike in the early days of May 1970. Initiated first to protest the US invasion of Cambodia, the strikes took on added urgency after four students were killed at Kent State University on May 4th. Written from May 3 to May 10, the journal details less celebrated aspects of the student strikes such as daily organizational tedium and individual and collective confusion. The work, with Sarah H. Gordon’s 60-year-old voice pressed into vinyl record, ruminates on two aspects of voice: one, voice as agency and power and two, voice as an embodiment of social and physical corporeality or, in this case, the embodiment of the passage of time between the first (textual) articulation of the voice of Sarah Gordon and the second (spoken) one. Thus the work asserts the materialization of positions and possibilities that the mainstream historic record ignored and allows for the resonant stutter of this omission.