Yard (Sign)

Yard (Sign), 2009
Found and fabricated yard signs
Dimensions variable

Yard (Sign) was originally made as a “cover” of the 1961 Allan Kaprow piece, Yard, for the 2009 exhibition, Allan Kaprow YARD, curated by Helen Molesworth, which also included works by Josiah McElheny and PopeL.

A riff off Kaprow’s title, Yard (Sign), was also influenced by various written statements Kaprow made over decades as he staged his own reconfigurations of his 1961 piece, Yard, as well as by the poster he made for the work in 1961–a large ink drawing of a classic yard sale sign. Yard (Sign) was first exhibited in the New York Marble Cemetery at 41 ½ Second Avenue on the Lower East Side. The work references the American archetype of the suburban and rural yard. In this cultural context, the yard functions as, and is protected as, private property and yet it is often and repeatedly used to publicize public demands.